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Don’t let stained teeth dim your self-esteem! While teeth stains may not indicate serious oral health issues, they can significantly impact your confidence. At Gresham Dental, our team of teeth-whitening dentists is here to help you embrace a radiant smile that turns heads.

Our professional whitening treatment is fast and effective, giving you a dazzling smile in just one non-invasive procedure. Unleash the beauty of your smile and watch your confidence soar with our expert care. Book an appointment today!

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Benefits of teeth whitening

  • Hassle-free, non-invasive procedure
  • Get a brand-new smile in just one appointment
  • No recovery time
  • Custom shading for your unique smile
  • Long-lasting results and dedicated support

Discover the transformative benefits of teeth whitening. Call (503) 666-7000.

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What to expect

When you come to your Gresham teeth whitening appointment, we’ll:

  1. Discuss your smile goals during your initial assessment.
  2. Perform a thorough exam and utilize advanced imaging tools to choose the perfect teeth whitening treatment for you.
  3. With our at-home treatment, we’ll provide a complete kit, including guidance and clear instructions for optimal results.
  4. We also offer in-office treatment in a single visit. Achieve brighter teeth with the help of our experienced team.
OR gresham dental teeth whitening options

Our Gresham teeth whitening options

At Gresham Dental, you can choose between in-office whitening, take-home kits, or a combination of both. Discover our options and their unique benefits:

In-Office Whitening

With a higher concentration of bleaching agents, our in-office treatments deliver more dramatic results in less time. Leave our office after just 1 minimally invasive procedure, and show off your new stunning smile.

Take-Home Kits

With the flexibility of take-home kits, you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. While results may take longer compared to in-office whitenings, this option allows you to adapt the treatment to your schedule.

With our customizable whitening solutions, you can bring out the best in your smile. Experience the confidence of a radiant grin at Gresham Dental!

Kind words from our patients

Everyone deserves a healthy smile

We accept most major dental insurance plans. Our dental services are affordable, and we offer financing and payment options for those without insurance.

Questions? Please contact us at (503) 666-7000 to learn more about our services or to check your insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What causes teeth discoloration?

There are a multitude of factors at play: Genetic traits, the natural aging process, dietary preferences, lifestyle choices, and certain medications can all contribute to this dental problem.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes! Teeth whitening is considered safe when performed under the supervision of an experienced dentist. With proper guidance, we can ensure a secure and satisfactory process.

How long do whitening results last?

The duration of teeth whitening results varies according to personal habits and diet. By maintaining proper oral care, the effects can last from several months up to 3 years.

Can whitening damage tooth enamel?

A well-performed teeth whitening process shouldn’t harm your enamel. However, excessive or improper use of whitening products can potentially erode your enamel or lead to dental sensitivity. Our dentists at Gresham Dental will guide you and answer all your questions to ensure that your teeth whitening treatments are done safely.

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